Set up by husband and wife team Mercedes Ortega and Juan Morera, Brownie was born out of the desire to offer a quality and feminine product inspired by our land, the Mediterranean. In honour of a then recent addition to the family, their pet dog, Mercedes and Juan called their new brand: Brownie.

Details that don't look for perfection, but happiness!

brownie girl


Brownie is the brand for women who organise brunch Sunday mornings, who run barefoot across the beach to feel the salt on their skin, the ones who unearth trasures in their grandparent's attic, the ones who ride no hands on their bicycles, those who pick out a design to forget about domestic ennui and those who know that their friends are also their sisters.


Freshness, functionality and confidence. These are the values that go into each of our garments, with the aim of providing designs that will make their wearers happy. Our collections are a mix of high quality, timeless basics and trendy garments capable of transmitting our vibrant, spontaneous spirit.

brownie girl
brownie girl

Our way

Those who love freedom, comfort, the good life, sunny days on the beach and rainy days on the couch. Brownie's mission is to fill the world with optimism, with a team, stores and collections in wich happiness is our "manifesto".

brownie honestidad


brownie honestidad


brownie honestidad


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People & Culture

Brownie employs over 450 people who are all working towards the common goal of creating an unforgettable shopping experience for our customers. Both in our offices and stores, we provide the opportunity to forge an exciting career in a constantly changing industry.

Our offices are located in the centre of Barcelona. With over 2,500 square metres of space, this is where creativity, attention to detail and a love of fashion come together in the design of our collections.